Steps to create a page manually:

 There are two ways to create a page using the platform.
1)   By Generating the Screen using Generate Screen from Table/View property.
2)   Creating the page  by specifying the necessary details in "Define Pages" screen. 

How to Create a Page Manually:

Go to Navigation → Developer → Define Pages

  • Click on Define Pages and it will take you to the Define Pages screen.
  • Click on New button which is on the define pages grid and a new row will be created in the Define Pages grid.


  • Enter the basic details:

1) Page Code: This is the code which you will be using to refer the page. This has to be unique.
2) Page Name: Page name can be of anything.
3) Window Title: This is the title that will be displayed on the window of the browser.
4) Allow Export, Allow Import, and Read only are the privileges that you specify to the page according to your requirement.
5) Icon: An icon can be selected and this will be displayed next to the Page Name.
6) Load on Startup: If this property is enabled, it loads the page when the server loads. This helps the application to render quickly. This improves the performance.
7) Where Used: It lists the list of pages where else this page is being used. 
  • Click on Save and the page will created.
  • Now click on the Where used link and assign this page to a Role. Then save it.
  • Then goto NavigationRole Name(To which you have assigned you page)page(Page you created) .

  • Now to customize the page.
  • Goto FileAdministrationCustomize Page.
  • Then you can customize the page the way you want.


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