• If you require an attachment to be stored as part of your table, then create a column with data type as Decimal.
  • Navigate to the datasource definition screen of that datasource to sync it with new changes made to the table if you already created a datasource for that table or create a new Datasource. 
  • As  the Attachment field in the table is specified as decimal, when the datasource is synced or created -  all the datasource attributes are synced with same data type as in table by default. So, for the attachment field the datatype would be Decimal, to indicate that its an attachment field but not a regular decimal field, we need change the datatype of that field to Attachment.
  • Select the attachment attribute in the list and change attribute type from ‘Decimal’ to ‘Attachment’ and click on Save button to persist the changes. Platform deals with the attributes of attachment differently.
  • Navigate to the page where you want the users to upload file and launch the designer for that page.
  • Add a new item and select the Item Type as 'Attachment' and select the view attribute as the one which you just created in the datasource (the datasource attribute whose Attribute Type is Attachment so that the content uploaded using the attachment will be bound to this view attribute)
  • An 'Attachment' item allows  to browse and choose content on the users local machine to upload to the server.

  • When an file/attachment  is uploaded and saved, the user can download the file. The details tab displays the information about the file/attachment. 
  • When another file is uploaded again under the same attachment then revisions  are maintained by the platform. User can look at the revision details using the Revisions tab.


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