Perform Customization on The Generated Page

In this lesson, you will learn how to customize the page. Please refer to Page Customization help article to learn more about Customization.

  • Go to the page. (Order Screen Auto).
  • Now goto customize page.
  • Here these are the list of customizations that are being performed on this page.

          1) Suppose you don't want to expose the Booked date field , so you need to goto the property pallet of the booked date field and disable the visible property.
          2) Suppose you don't want to show Advanced Search button on the grid, then you make it invisible by disabling the Show Advanced Search property in the Grid property pallet.

          3) Suppose you don't want all the fields to be displayed in the Simple Search on top. For that you need to goto the corresponding field's property pallet and disable the query allowed property.
          4) Suppose you want to change the date format from "d-MMM-yyyy h:mm a" to "dd-MMM-yyyy". Then goto the corresponding date field's property pallet and specify the date format that you prefer.

    Note: You can perfom as many customizations that you require in this page.
    Page Customized You have successfully customized a page. This is how the page looks once you preview the page.


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