Tree Grid

What is a Tree Grid ?

 A Tree Grid is a hierarchal representation of data flow.

How to Create a Tree Grid ?

  To Create a Tree Grid, you need to have a data source in which you need to define parent attribute, child attribute, leaf attribute, and icon attribute.

  • The leaf attribute is a calculated column and here is how you need to specify that in the data source.

How is Tree Grid configured?
Assuming that you have already populated the data in the grid as  above format and this is how you need to specify the following attributes

1) Tree Parent Attribute:  mandatory field

2) Tree Child Attribute:  mandatory field

3) Tree Icon view Attribute: optional

4) Tree is Leaf Attribute : mandatory

  • Go to customize page.
  • Click on the grid and to the right of it all its properties are displayed.
  • Now specify the Tree parent attribute, Tree child attribute and is leaf attribute.
  • Now go to the field in the grid to which you would want to make the field as Tree column i.e hierarchical flow and check the Tree column property which is at the end of the property pallet.


Now according to the above example you need to specify

Tree parent attribute : module

Tree child attribute : sub module

Tree is leaf attribute : Is leaf.

  • If you want the tree grid to be expanded by default, then enable the expand groups property.


  • Save it and go to the preview  page.

Tree Grid5


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