What is an Object Handler? Object Handlers allow you to implement custom code when any DML (Insert, Update, Delete) is performed on a Data Source. The Platform invokes the Object Handler before and after executing the DML operation. The application developer can write a java class that implements an interface 'ObjectHandler' provided by the Platform. When do we use it? Object Handlers can be used when the application is required to perform custom logic when data is inserte... [Read More]
Roles can be defined in the platform that automatically manage access to data. When role based permissions are defined, users will have the ability to access applications at a single place. The ability to manage roles, users and permissions is restricted to users with Administrative Role. Users can be members of multiple Roles. Each role is associated with a set of Pages and Objects (Datasource). For each role you can define combination of permissions on each object like In... [Read More]
(Redirected from Publish Notification Using Server Side Validations) Publish Notifications Using Server Side Validation Scripts First you need to import com.rapapp.platform.client.mdata.RPCModelData; Now Use the Method db.publishUserNotification("Subject","body","RoleId","UserId") to Pulish a Notification. Subject:- Subject of the Notification. This will be displayed as the Header in notification. Body:- Content of the Notifications.... [Read More]
What is Datasource Object Mappings? Using DataSource Object Mapping, one can define the relationship between tables primarily used for LOVs. Say we have a DataSource for Employee table and create a Grid based on the same. The DeptId on the Employee DataSource would be a number field with values say 10, 20 etc. Instead if we want to display the Department Name from the Department table, Datasource Object Mapping comes handy. How to define a Datasource object mappings? Once... [Read More]
Creating a Custom link in Email Actions. Steps to create a custom link in the email actions 1) Create a Caluculated Column in the data source for which you want to create an Email Action eg:- testlink. Server Side Validation Script:- 2) Import com.rapapp.platform.client.mdata.RPCModelData; 3) Generate a Link by using the method db.getLink("Link Name","Page Code","Other Parameters") in server side validation scripts. 4) Assign the returned Link f... [Read More]
In this Tutorial you will learn how to create a Tree Grid, as shown in the below screen shot, without having to use a connect by clause. The data for the below tree comes from different tables at different levels based on the parent node.Define a Datasource with all the required attributes. For SmartFolders, since the data is coming from multiple different tables, we just define a dummy datasource with the required attributes and handle all the queries in the Pre Query Script... [Read More]
Server Side debugging can be enabled at DataSource level.


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